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Debt Collection - Construction output grows for 8th month in a row.

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Westbury Collections Ltd focuses on the construction industry during Q2 as the sector returns to both commercial and domestic projects in the wake of lockdown being gradually lifted.

Construction Output (

Construction output grew by 8.6% in quarter one of 2021 its highest growth since 1963 according to the Office of National Statistics. With the construction and trade industry increasingly returning to projects in 2021, no doubt this will give rise to debt.

We at Westbury Collections have seen many administrations and liquidations over this past year which will still be a feature of the industry. Therefore, remain cautious and give a credit limit that your business can live with should the company go bust as well as promptly chasing outstanding invoices before someone else gets paid.

Contact one of our sales team today if you require assistance with outstanding invoices due to your business - telephone 01372 232080 or by email

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