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Litigation & Enforcement

At Westbury we consider legal action to be the last resort in our efforts to recover your debt. Whether your debt is disputed, delayed or ignored our conscientious account managers will advise when legal action may be an option.


We appreciate that legal action can seem a daunting matter and therefore our account managers will explain each and every step of the process to you.

Our solicitors have a wealth of knowledge of the legal arena and strive to keep up to date with the ever changing laws and regulations, such as the implementation of the recent Pre Action Protocol rules and steps that need to be taken when chasing outstanding invoices.

Following issuing a claim, if no payment is forthcoming we shall request our solicitors apply for Judgment (CCJ) against the debtor which will effect the debtors ability to obtain credit and shall remain on record for 6 years. We will then discuss the following enforcement options available;

  • County Court Bailiff

  • Sheriff Officer

  • Charging Order (on property or land)

  • Order for sale (of property or land)

  • Order to Obtain Information

  • Attachment of Earnings

  • Third Party Debt Order

Legal and court costs are in addition to our commission rates. 

  • County Court Claims

  • CCJ - 6 Years on Credit Record

  • Full Suite of Enforcement

  • 8% Statutory Interest

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