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Invoice Checklist

Your invoice should make it easy for the customers to issue payment and include all the essential information. Here's our handy checklist you should make sure you include;

1. Invoice number

By including an invoice number you can easily identify transactions.

2. Invoice Date

Clarify obligations for both the issuer and recipient.

3. Payment Terms/Due Date

Adding payment terms and a due date to your invoices makes it clear for the recipient to pay you on time and acknowledge any late payment terms.

4. VAT Amount

By adding the total VAT amount, makes it clear for the recipient to see the whole amount due.

5. VAT Number

The purpose of a VAT number is to help identify VAT-registered businesses.

6. Bank Details

Including your bank details on your invoice, makes it easier for the recipient to pay you.

If you are still waiting for any outstanding invoices to be paid please get in touch with Westbury Collections to see if we can recover any money owed to you.

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