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Plumbing Debt Recovery 

We believe that successful collections are made using firm but fair contact with your debtor.


Once your instructions have been received, a Letter Before Action (LBA) under the recent Pre-Action Protocol rules is sent 1st class to your debtor warning legal action, bankruptcy or winding up action is imminent should payment not be received.


Our telephone collectors are fully trained for dealing with any implications that the debtor may use to unnecessarily avoid or delay payment. Our teams are very persistent with their attempts in recoveries.


In the event that we do not or cannot obtain a contact telephone number then we have a fully comprehensive range of letters that can be sent increasing in severity.


If payment is not forthcoming then we shall speak with you to discuss options available.


We also have strong relationships with many overseas counterparts who work in line with our “no collection – no commission” policy should the services of an overseas agent be required.

  • No Collection - No Commission

  • 15% Commission Rate

  • Recoverable Costs

  • Litigation

  • Insolvency

  • Tracing

  • International Debt Recovery

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