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Trade & Construction

At Westbury, we have extensive knowledge and a highly successful track record in collecting trade and construction debts. By having a firm understanding of the "construction act" we are able to use Statutory and Contractual Law to swiftly collect money owed to you.


Our experienced accounts managers can assist with unpaid measured works, valuations, payless and withholding notices and companies who simply will not pay or ignore your efforts to contact them.

Every month we collect thousands of pounds worth of disputed and undisputed construction debts utilising pre-legal efforts or further action by using our experience to the quickest route of recovering clients money.

Collections for Trade & Construction clients in 2022 to date; £3,214,524.18

Types of Construction Debt

  • Adjudication

  • Measured Works

  • Valuations

  • Variations

  • Payless Notices

  • Withholding Notices

See how we can help you collect your money:
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